Day 30 - Wedding Day

Merlot watched the sea with broken eyes. It had taken everything from him that day. Oh Lacey. He turned his eyes away tears dripping down his face. He had lost her. Their life together. The life they were suppose to have. Even the engagement ring he had given to her that night had been sucked into its dark depths.

It had been a year ago. Just a year, Lacey had been her with him. But now, now she was gone. Taken from him by the very waters she feared.

It wasn’t fair.

They would have been married by now, but she was gone. Taking every bit of her with him. Without Lacey, Merlot became almost a zombie. He didn’t speak and it was a chore for those around him to make sure he ate.

But what was the point of living without her? To spend day after day reminded that she wasn’t here with him. The world around him growing darker since she passed.

"Merlot," a whisper came from the ocean. His head shot up looking towards the water. A gasp of surprise crossed his lips. And it was her. 


He rose quickly unable to take his eyes off her far off frame. He didn’t even notice his feet touch the water or that he was going deeper and deeper into the water. It didn’t even cross his mind that it wasn’t even her. That Lacey had been dead for over a year and that tiredness had been playing tricks on him.

Merlot had to get to Lacey, because he promised to be with her always. 

October 21, 2012 - 3:28pm [1 year ago]
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