Day 29 Engaged

((Please ignore this is night shots. They are suppose to before the last two days of Lacelot but with my game as unsteady as it is I didn’t want to force it to the next day by fast gameplay. I might redo the shots at a later date. Okay, thanks.)) 

The day was going great, but he tried to ignore the pounding in his chest. Lacey, who eyed the water carefully as she sat down on the blanket, didn’t seem to notice his frayed emotions.

What if she said no? He asked to himself, but shook his head quickly. No. Things would go well. They loved each other. Were meant for one another since the moment they laid eyes on each other. 

"Merlot?" Lacey’s quite voice breaking his train of thought, "Are you okay?"

Apparently his emotions weren’t as kept inside as he thought. Merlot smiled warmly, "I’m fine. What about yourself?"

"I’m… okay." She said looking at the water again.

"Lacey." Her eyes focused on him. And he stood up, grabbing her hands, pulling her up as well. He searched her face. It was now or never. "Lacey, I love you. And, well-" The big speech he had planned flew out of his head and he bent down to one knee asking her simply, "Marry me?"

"Yes. Yes! YES!" screeched Lacey practically flying into his arms. "A million times yes, Merlot."

He grinned slipping the ring on her finger. "Mine forever."

"Forever," she agreed with a smile.

"We should toast to our engagement." Merlot whispered. "To our future." 

October 21, 2012 - 3:08pm [2 years ago]
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