You see this sim. I just made her. And hopefully when I return I’ll have a chapter or two of a story she’s part of. 




The Sims 4: Day One Patch Notes

Via EA.com

Severe Issues / Crashes:

  • Fixed a crash in Build Mode by preventing the game from thinking fences were rooms.
  • Fixed a crash in Create A Sim that could occur after the you lock and unlock your computer.

Bug Fixes / Issues:

Um, one thing though:

  • You can now exit Build Mode when not on your home lot if a baby was incorrectly left in the home lot inventory

I beg your pardon!?

Thank you pixelswirl.

Whines loudly in fustration because I feel like I am going to mess this up

lolitasim answered your question:HELP
just the one in the Sims 3 folder

Thanks. Now hopefully I do this right


Do I do just the one in the Sims 3 folder or all of them that popped up for each expansion?


Sims3 you better not give me any of this today.


I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

I should probably mention my laptop is a touch screen so I am excited to see how that plays out…. Bwahhahahaha

Then i can finally see what graphics and how it all runs on this new laptop. Also have to add cc but that shall be done after a bit, minus a bit of nessiary put on to it.

Got a new laptop. Going to be gone another month. Currently NOT getting The Sims 4. Still have to go about fixing DITFT for Into the Future (sorry ya’ll sort of dropped the ball big time on that one) Probably not doing one for SIms 4 because not getting it. Hope to have a sim story for you guys when I return. Or something…. I don’t really know. Depends how the month goes at work.

Ummmm…. I think that is it?

Playing around in sims2