Anonymous said: "Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥"

Me: Just five? And my favorite sim. Oh man….-ponders- My favorite sim. My favorite sim… my favori- -

Mal: jumps from the bushes and poses in front of me- It’s me!

Me: …

Mal:  Five favorite facts about myself. Well, I value Sunny’s opinion more then anyone else…welll…..  sort of. Kay holds a slightly higher amount. He’s my bro, that can’t be helped. Two, I am very fond of popcorn with butter to dunk it in. Sunny says that is bad for me, but I’m sort of a vampire and cholesterol isn’t exactly something that really needs to be worried about… and I only do it once and a while. And it’s not that much butter honest! Three: I like to joke around and make people laugh. Four: Sunny is much more talented then I am with machinery and things though she’s to humble to even say so, but she’s learned all she knows from herself which is very amazing. Five: TUF’S FAVORITE SIM SHOULD BE SUNNY

Me: …

… welp. It is stuck in process mode.



Palette of the Week (4/13/14)

Create a Sim using this color palette and submit it to us here at berrypalettechallenge!

All of our palettes are picked randomly, so sorry for any similarities to the previous color palette of the week.

The hex and RGB codes from left to right are:

  • CFBFE3
  • 7A90BF
  • 525252 
  • 9C2663 
  • E8A87D
  • C0F2A7

RGB codes if you guys want them. I do this anyways and save to draft… might as well share :3

  • 207 191 227
  • 122 144 191
  • 82    82  82
  • 156  38  99
  • 232 168 125
  • 192 242 167

Sunny Rain Amour - Berry Meme

If you all aren’t aware, I run the Welcome to Night Vale Sim’d tumblr and I realized that because of my trip in a few weeks and the fact I will be 3 months without intenet I should enlist help to run the blog on converting the podcast episodes. 

If you are interested in helping out, please send me an ask.


Berry style meme - Pons

Vanilla || Berry

Genderswap || Mirror Mirror


Pin up my sim! #4

Pin up for TheUsernameFound

Nothing sexier than a weightlifting, super strong, bearded, yellow babe. Nothing.

You can re-upload this if you wish but please please don’t claim it as your own work.


Give me a few of your favorites. Top 4 or 5 on what to see, because I’m not sure if I’ll get distracted after that amount. 

Opening game 

Who do you all want to see for Berry Style Meme?

Like Father, Like Son

Might do the berry styled meme…

But who to ussseeeeeee

-stares at all my sims-